$75.00 per night Dog Boarding in our sitters home, safe, insured and bonded

Dogs must be fully vaccinated and not younger than 12 weeks up to 8 months old (puppies get an extra charge of $15.00 per day) Proof of vaccinations are required.

Fees and Charges:

This is a 24 hour service, additional time will incur and additional fees, Pick up and drop off it's complimentary if it’s within our service area. 50% discount for second dog, More than 5 nights gets a 10% discount (doesn’t apply to 2 dogs or more)

For reservations of five or more days you must make a 50% deposit at the time you request the service, an invoice will be send to you. (For new clients only)

This service must be paid in advance on peak season, Holiday Charge $10.00 per holiday

Deadline 48 Hrs in advanced to request a service for peak season at least 2 weeks.